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Watch List

In order to reduce FIs' onboading and monitoring risks, it is essential to work with a Global Watch List provider. As a sole domestic partner of Dow Jones, Unitas Co.,Ltd provides DowJones Watch List services to Korean financial institutions.

Dow Jones Risk & Compliance is a global provider of third party risk management and regulatory compliance solutions such as Global Sanctions and PEPs lists. Not to mention the global market share, 16 out of 17 Korean local banks are using Dow Jones & Risk Compliance as well.

Special Features

Localization (Fully Supports Working Conditions in for Korean FIs)

  • Korean & Korean/Chinese alphabet Check, Spelling Variation
  • Original Script Names from 22 Countries available
  • Provides Official Sanctions Lists from Korean Financial Regulators/Administrations
  • Sanctions Update/Alerts from Unitas GRC Lab Reports
  • Over 93% of Market Share in Korea


  • Collecting Information from over 20,000 Officially Affiliated Media
  • Information Verified from 5 Research Centers World-wide and over 7,700 Analysts
  • Detailed Profiles of PEPs such as RCAs, Personal Photos


  • Complying with Global Standards ; FATF Recommendations, the Wolfsberg Group
  • Provision of Data Services since 1978 ; Global Bank Users from over 152 Countries/Territories
  • Provision of Data in Standard Formats ; XML & CSV


  • Consulting Services from Unitas GRC Lab Experts
  • Translators for Global Customers in DowJones Contents Center
  • Monthly AML Newsletter/Reports Covering Global/Domestic Trends


  • More than 3,000 Global Sanctions Lists
  • More than 710,000 Global PEPs
  • More than 561,000 Related RCAs Including Corporates
  • More than 500,000 SIP or SIEs
  • Over 300 Other Official Lists from Global Law Enfocements/Governmental Institutions