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AML Sanctions Status Board

  • AML Sanctions Status Board shows a current status of important sanctions lists which can be different based on users' regulated locations/jurisdictions
  • This Closed User Service will notify changes in Sanctions or other valued lists to compliance officers in real time
  • Users may check the updates and write reports for senior managements or regulators in a very short time.
  • Users may download the updated /added/deleted persons or entities from specific Sanctions Lists or Category such as Sanctions , PEP , RCA , Terror , FATF Non Cooperative Countries or Territories on a certain date

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Due Diligence Report

Upon request, Unitas provides Due Diligence Reports to our DowJones Risk & Compliance Customers regarding Person or Entity’s Risk Profiles. (Closed Service)

GRC Report

On a regular basis, Unitas provides analytic reports regarding issues from AML industry such as changes in regulations / laws / policy(mainly from foreign governments , regulators and institutions), updates on specific Sanctions Lists, and etc. (Closed Service)

GRC News

On our Facebook Page, we gather and post latest news regarding Compliance / AML & CFT issues For further information, visit our page