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RISK Solution > Risk Management System Structure

Risk Management System consists of Risk Data Mart(RDM), Risk Management System(RMS), Integrated Risk Management System(IRMS), and Other Reports (Reporting).

RISK Solution > i-NCR

i-NCR, provides NCR solutions to securities and derivatives businesses who are required to maintain NC in order to ensure that there are sufficient liquid assets to absorb losses, maintain stable financial status, and prevent damage to client assets and the system.

RISK Solution > i-LRM

i-LRM helps users to make liquidity risk management work for their business, and focus on performance while remaining compliant, by factoring regulatory requirements into funding and asset allocation plans under potential risk scenarios.

RISK Solution > i-RDM

i-RDM is a Risk Data Management Solution which consists of Integrated Data Model, Data Verification Module, Data ETL Module.