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SAS AML Solution

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SAS AML Solution

In order to fight against high-end techniques and skills of money laundering attempts including TBML, governments and regulators in both domestic and overseas have toughened their laws and regulations. For example, NY branches of Korean FIs are suffering from tremendous Civil Money Penalties for not complying with AML/CFT laws & regulations. Unitas Co.,Ltd, with SAS Korea, is willing to help Fis to get through those obstacles by providing Optimized AML Solutions for global standards and against deficiencies.

SAS® Anti-Money Laundering

Data management

Ability to address many data challenges, from processing big data to accessing and integrating legacy sources – all in a single platform.

High-performance analytics and visualization

Rapid time to insights from big data with an infrastructure enabling you to test hypotheses, ask questions and simulate scenarios.

Suspicious activity monitoring and reporting

A robust, flexible scenario engine that detects suspicious activity and generates alerts for events that meet rule parameters.

Watch-list matching

Fuzzy-matching algorithms, intelligent scoring and alert consolidation can identify persons, organizations or high-risk jurisdictions that represent regulatory risk.

Investigation and alert management

A web-based interface gives investigators a holistic view of work items and easy access to the knowledge center database.

Peer-group anomaly detection

In-memory analytics provides fast peer-group anomaly detection by comparing an entity's behavior to historical and peer behavior.


Reliable, scalable and fault-tolerant search capabilities provide distributed indexing, replication and load-balanced querying, automated failover and recovery, and more.


Enhanced architecture enabling a single installation to serve multiple customers by segregating the data.